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DVD ROM Discs come in the following region codes, if your player does not play your disc you should ensure that the discs region code matches that of your DVD player.

Normally you will receive a error message like "Incorrect Region Disc" if your player does not support the disc you have.

Region 0 - Un-coded

Region 1 - USA, Canada

Region 2 - Europe, Japan

Region 3 - South-East Asia

Region 4 - Australia, South America

Region 5 - Africa, Russia, Asia

Region 6 - China



DVD Recordable discs come in two different types.

DVDR - This disc is a record once disc

DVDRW - This disc is re-recordable by means of formatting and blanking the disc

These two types are then broken down further into two more types



Most home players are DVD-R/RW but you need to check you user guide for compatibility. If you insert the wrong type you recorder will not recognise the disc.

The discs are the same to look at but there is a physical difference, the main usage difference is with the DVD-RW discs you can format the disc as a VR disc. This means that you can record a program and edit that program. I.e edit out adverts. Normal DVD+RW disc you can only delete complete recordings not edit them.

PC recordable disc's are different from home recordable disc's. Although PC disc's may work in some home recorders it is recomended to only use home recordable discs.

Home recordable disc's can be identified as follows.











This is an example of a PC DVD recordable disc.